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I know - it would not be long,
wonderful life I belong to.
I've got a bit of time.
So now I'll try
being here, in spot of light,
to tell you, wonderful world,
simple & frankful & true words
of thankfulness
and whisper: I guess,
You see me being here.
God bless.

You gave me my voice
and You gave me chance
to perform here
strange kind of romance:

Once upon a time
I was an innocent child,
gathering dandelions,
hunting for dragonflies.
But those days are over,
they have gone forever,
& I kissed them bye-bye.

Once I was a funny little girl,
& of course,
I was waiting for a young prince
riding pearly white horse -
but those days are over.
They have gone forever.
Prince appeared to be
a knight without remorse.

I guess - it would not be long,
wonderful time I can sing songs,
I can feel Love,
I do can feel Pain
& survive again & again.
Please listen, my sweet Lord,
oh, tell me - I'm wrong,
when I think
that it would not be long.



© 1998—2024 Ирина Богушевская